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  1. Good afternoon. I live in Walter Scott avenue and I am contacting you today regarding the cleanliness of Edinburgh’s Streets. My husband and I have been living in Edinburgh for over 10 years and we are more and more shocked by the amount of litters in our streets.
    Our street is constantly cover of litters. Between Liberton road and the Scotmid in Walter Scott Avenue there isn’t a single bin. Youngsters and other people will just dispose of their empty cans, crisp bags etc… on the street or stuff them in the hedges. Back in January we organised a street cleaning via Cleaning Scotland. It was a very cold day so we only have done the portion of road I mentioned before and we collected 8 bin bags of rubbish. We then re-open all bags to recycle and filled a green wheelie bin of plastic bottles and cans. We also fund 38 glass bottles of alcohol. Withing one week, many rubbish were back on the floor
    I know kids are taught at school of the importance of not dropping their rubbish on the floor and maybe we should organise more cleaning the neighbourhood events and get the kid involve. Also having more bin install everywhere could help. People don’t want to walk around with their empty cans ect in the hand. Edinburgh is a very windy so if the bins are too full litters are flying around.
    I appreciate your time .

  2. Hi Emilie

    Apologies for being so slow to clear this post. We have all been on holiday over Easter! Thank you for telling GICC about this. Do you know does Cleaning Scotland have a website we can post a link to?

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