Gilmerton Dykes Street – new pedestrian crossing facilities

The consultation in respect of Gilmerton Dykes Street – new pedestrian crossing facilities has now been updated to provide a response.There were 34 responses to the consultation, with a majority indicating support for the proposed crossing facilities. A copy of the Council’s response to comments raised during the consultation may be seen on the Council’s […]

Consultation on proposed common good asset register

In accordance with Part 8 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 which relates to Common Good assets, this Council is consulting on its proposed common good asset register. The register and information on common good can be found on the Council website. The Scottish Government has produced guidance with additional information. You are welcome to consider the […]

Major public consultation coming on the heart of Scotland’s Capital

A major public consultation planned to kick off next month will spark discussions all over the city about how people want the heart of Scotland’s Capital to look, feel and function. Responses and suggestions will be sought on: the Edinburgh City Centre Transformation, the City Mobility Plan (successor to the current Local Transport Strategy) and […]

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